Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Legend - Creative Writing

The Legend of Ladanian 3/28/2007 Once, thither was a human being who was loathsomeness beyond measure. Every aspect about him was vileness. His thoughts were evil, his actions were evil, and his legerdemain was evil. For this, he was the most fe ared man on the planet. His evil phantasy allowed him to carry out any act of evil he so pleased. He was so evil that his m another(prenominal) was inefficient to name him at birth. He was known only if as The emperor of Evil. Legend says that hundreds of geezerhood ago, the emperor moth was overcome at the hands of the all powerful god of lightning, Zeus. It is verbalize that The Emperor was banished to the edge of the basis, to a place so au naturel(p) and demoralize of life that no man clear consist with there. In doing so, Zeus sacrificed his immortality to defeat The Emperor, and returned to res publica to live among men. Hundreds of years rush passed since then, and T he Emperor of Evil has returned to terrorize the innocent. The people of Earth live in fear. The greatest evil any champion has ever known has returned, without explanation, and there is no one who can save humanity. The Emperor and his minions accept been traveling the lands, searching for redemption. The descendants of Zeus live among men, and The Emperor of Evil looks to rid the earth of them. He has been abducting adolescents associated with the church, and it is only a matter if sentence before he sticks them. Ladanian is a young adult, who studies daily at the monastery. He is particularly stronger and smarter than the other boys there. He stays at home to watch everywhere his brothers and sisters, because his parents disappeared years ago. One morning, Ladanian woke to come across that his siblings had taken the liberty to go to school on their own, so there was no one to wake him. He donned his robes and walked outside, to find the town in pandemonium. “We are being attacked,” screamed one man. &l! dquo; goal is upon us,” yelled another. Women were crying, and men were looting. in that respect was no control...If you involve to get a full essay, post it on our website:

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